Bring your talent

Inhouse tech recruitment becomes slower and harder in the last several years, especially in countries in Western Europe. Average recruitment cycle in these countries varies from 6 to 9 months. We have solution for this problem:

Bring tech talent home

Clients that will obligate to long-term cooperation have possibility to bring some of the remote team members to their offices as part of their inhouse product development team.

Members of our integrated teams grow together with the inhouse team members and can be promoted to higher level tech positions in clients offices, with no additional cost.

Tailored recruitment

Possibility for direct recruitment for client using Intertec internal recruitment program with 6 months test period at Intertec offices, before team member is transferred to client’s offices.

Tailored tech trainings

Trainings specifically organized by client through Intertec talent program. Intertec can organize complete training program from young engineers with support from client, train several students for specific technologies and they can start working for the client after the training.

Part of the students that will successfully complete the training program will be send to work from client’s offices.

Intertec Offices Map
Case Study

During our long-term cooperation with our client Global Savings Group 9 senior tech leads were transferred to lead positions to Munich, Germany over a period of 4 years, at no additional cost.