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As a trusted technology partner to promising startups and Fortune 500 enterprises in Germany, we have the expertise to drive your idea from an early-stage concept to a market-ready product.

Dr. Anette Leonhard-Macdonald

Venture Director, INC Innovation Center

The engagement with Intertec is an absolute pleasure. It has been one of the best experiences we’ve had in terms of delivery and transparency.

Dr. Stefan Thomas

Managing Director, LabV

Intertec's expertise, tech savviness and commitment have been fantastic and helped us navigate through unknown territory.

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01. Definition

Definition of the broad strokes of the idea, the processes and capacity needed to execute, and first cost estimation of the entire project timeline.

02. Strategy

Once the broader scope has been defined and the first budget has been approved, all aspects of the project will be collected and discussed in order to outline a detailed project profile.