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Who we are was founded in 2015 with a mission to build exceptional teams of engineers that empower company executives worldwide and bring their ideas to life. 

Since our inception, we have served clients across multiple business domains. They are Fortune 500, SMBs, enterprises, and startups that rely on us as their trusted technology partner with deep knowledge and skills in particular domains.


What our clients are saying has been one of our digital sparring partners for the past several years. Their expertise, tech savviness and commitment have been fantastic and helped us navigate through unknown territory.
Dr. Stefan Thomas
Managing Director, LabV
The engagement with is an absolute pleasure. It has been one of the best experiences we’ve had in terms of delivery and transparency.
Dr. Annette Leonhard-MacDonald
Venture Director, INC Invention Center has proven to be an extremely reliable, transparent and dedicated tech partner. Their technological suggestions and development capabilities matched our business needs perfectly.
Michael Grysczyk
Manager Digital & Disruptive Business, Meraxis Group
They are dedicated to customer care. I had individual syncs with their delivery manager to track the pulse of the team. This exchange was among the many things we did to improve our integration and cooperation.
Tancho Markovik
CTO, Izicap
Open Source Intelligence
Using the Right Tool to Gather Publicly Available Information
Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) is usually defined as intelligence produced by collecting, evaluating, and analyzing publicly available information to answer a specific intelligence question.  Here are some common ways in which OSINT is used today: Security and Intelligence:  Business and Market Research Investigative Journalism Academic Research Legal Proceedings It is an exceptional tool for gathering information on a wide range of topics such as security threats, market research, and competitive intelligence, and can also be used by a variety of organizations and individuals to inform decision-making and strategy.   Challenge OSINT is transparent and can be easily verified. This means that organizations can be confident in the accuracy and reliability of the information they gather. It also offers many advantages over other forms of intelligence collection, making it a valuable tool for a wide range of organizations and individuals. The client approached us with the challenge: develop an OSINT (open source intelligence) tool, which aims to collect, consolidate, and make a detailed accurate analysis of personal data and user-friendly presentations. Solution To build and develop an OSINT tool, we proposed and did the following: Data mining from third-party providers (Social media, trade registers, search engines). Data collection, processing, and consolidation. Data indexed and searchable. Machine learning analysis. Event-driven architecture on AWS. What technologies did we use to make this a reality? Our team consisting of a Tech Lead, Project Manager, Data Engineers,  ML Developers,  FE Engineers, and a Quality Assurance Engineer used Machine learning, Python (Starlette Framework), TypeScript (ReactJS), AuroraDB, ElasticSearch, DynamoDB, Docker and worked with AWS Services for Containerization, Messaging, Storage. Results The results of our ready-to-use solution are looking encouraging. We successfully managed to deliver the following: An OSINT tool that is production ready. The client has already onboarded the first customer. The solution also gives our client the advantage to fast delivery reports. The machine learning prediction success rate amounts to +91%.
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Industry 4.0
How Digitization Can Shape the Future of Test Laboratories
Even today we still have many examples and situations where labs rely on their manual and paper-based processes. However, in recent times, modern lab managers are becoming more aware of the benefits that digitization can bring to their operations.  It is more evident than ever that with the support of new and smart technologies, previous efficiency- and productivity-related challenges are beginning to dissipate as manual processes are starting to be replaced with automated and integrated applications, helping to pave the way toward a fully digitalized lab. What are the benefits of data digitization? Firstly, digitization improves data management as it provides a centralized place for storing, accessing, and analyzing data. This allows for efficient data sharing and collaboration among lab operators.  Additionally, digitization enhances laboratory efficiencies by automating manual tasks and improving workflows. Moreover, digitization enables real-time monitoring and analysis, providing valuable data insights and enabling proactive decision-making, which leads to better quality control, optimized resource utilization, and reduced costs.  Furthermore, digitization enhances compliance and traceability by maintaining comprehensive records and audit trails. Challenge Our client had an idea and approached us with the challenge: they wanted a customer-centric solution that makes manual data management in the lab obsolete and gives lab technicians and quality managers more time to focus on what really matters: working efficiently with the data. They needed the following:   Processing and organizing industrial data in one centralized place, a platform where lab operators can easily analyze, combine and compare different tests and measurements. Project management of testing various materials  The ability to custom data search and create custom reports And laboratory management What technologies did we use to make this a reality? Our team worked with ReactJs, Redux, and Axios as front-end technologies used NestJS, NodeJS, REST API, MongoDB as NoSQL as back-end technologies, and lastly, for ETL, they used Python, AWS Technologies such as S3, EC2, and CloudFront, SQS, SES, Load Balancer, Lambdas, and Cloud Watch. Results Following a close collaboration with our client, we delivered a solution that intelligently links test equipment and measurement data and improves the workflow in your laboratory with fast integration, reliable project management, and outstanding interpretation.  The new software lets material testing labs facilitate collaboration, get more data insights, establish consistent workflows, and enhance lab efficiency.  The new data insights feature gives them the option to create a custom table using the test results, modify the same using various statistical operations, chart the data from the custom tables, and use the final customization in the Word report.
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Focus on What Matters by Digitally Transforming Your Healthcare Value Chains
Healthcare organizations face a range of challenges that are prompting them to consider setting up a digital value chain. Our client is a company aiming to provide people with regular motivation for a healthier lifestyle, so those living with chronic illness can lead active, self-determined lives, while also easing the strain on doctors and therapists so that they can provide the best possible care for their patients. They are working with health experts and aligning each step in development toward medical requirements. Their solutions are preceded by extensive user testing that reflects their users’ key wishes and needs. Challenge The client approached us and needed the following: complete digitalization of their informative and prevention programs a solution that provides healthcare specialists with quick access to medical histories, vitals, and lab results integration of EHR/EMR systems with other clinical software a feature to consult doctors online with HCP availability time slots management external booking system integration internal booking system & internal video conference solution. Team Our team consisting of a Tech Lead and a Project Manager, Data Engineers, ML Developers, FE & BE Engineers, and Quality Assurance Engineers, worked with the following technologies:  Multiple REST web services based on a Java-based development stack Spring framework (Spring Boot, Spring Web, Spring Security, Spring Data JPA,  Spring Cloud OpenFeign, PostgreSQL, Hibernate, Gradle, Swagger, Liquibase, JUnit, Mockito, ArchUnit). Cucumber framework. SonarQube, Graylog, CloudBees CodeShip for CI/CD. Java (reactive concept),  NoSQL database, ReactJS Java (Quarkus framework), Jitsi (as a video conference solution), PostgreSQL as a database engine Results We applied agile methodologies to our firmly established processes to ensure that we deliver the right solution to our clients. We delivered the following results: Digitize each phase of their healthcare value chains Develop advanced and secure EHR/EMR systems Digitize the HCP<->Patient video appointments Digitize the program therapy flow Build end-to-end digitalized user-friendly platform and tool for healthcare professionals Build a portal for setting up accounts for their patients, activating and managing programs, and viewing all their patients’ progress at any time.
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