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Get Ready and Join InterHack 2022

On December 3 and 4, is hosting its first hackathon with the aim to gather developers, creatives, and tech enthusiasts who are going to put their skills into practice and build projects using Blockchain and Machine Learning technologies. 

In only 48 hours, you will have a chance to bring your creative ideas to life and build something incredible that will not only polish your skills, and strengthen your relationship with like-minded

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How To Run Python Script On GCP Batch

Recently, Google announced a completely new service as part of their Google Cloud offering, called Batch.

What is GCP Batch?

From Google docs: “…Batch lets you create and run jobs that are based on a script by utilizing the resources required to execute its tasks.” The service is perfect for heavy tasks as it offers up to 224 CPUs and 896 GB of memory.

Motivation for using Batch

Google Cloud offers a range of services that take away server management and do everything for you. These typ

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Tribute To The Machine Learning Lifecycle

The following paragraph represents a preface to the series of article guidelines that will talk about critical aspects of the Machine Learning lifecycle. The representation of the ML project’s flow by itself is not important – it simply is a special kind of flowchart. However, the nature of the problems solved by ML makes the outcoming projects without a visual overview difficult to follow. Taking this into account and putting the emphasis on the ML lifecycle, these article guidelines will not o

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Intertec Launches First-Ever Full Stack JavaScript Bootcamp in Pristina

Intertec is thrilled to announce the launch of its first-ever Full Stack JavaScript Bootcamp! The 3-month interactive Bootcamp starts with classes on September 1, every Monday through Friday, from 9 AM to 5  PM and Saturday from 10 AM to 3 PM at office in Pristina.

Learn how to become a full-stack developer and build web and mobile apps powered by JavaScript! Scroll down to learn more about the Full Stack JavaScript Bootcamp:

What you will learn:

During the 3-month program of

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5 Key Takeaways from Ask Our Recruiters

It can be a real challenge to get recognized and land the job you are so fiercely competing for. With a little effort, however, you can learn how to stand out from the crowd and win that employer over.

On May 26, you asked, and our recruitment team answered and shared their best tips to help you get noticed when applying for a job or an internship. Here are our 5 key takeaways from [“Ask Our Recruiters.”](

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Blockchain Talks with Bojan

In the fourth episode of TechTuesdays, we sit down with Bojan, a Junior Java Developer and member of the newly formed Blockchain guild at Intertec.

In a brief discussion, we talk about:

his career journey at Intertec the newly formed Blockchain guild at Intertec his personal view and stance on the future of Blockchain

Listen to the full episode 04 here.

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