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About the AI World Trends with Velimir Graorkoski

The past decade has witnessed the great rise of Artificial Intelligence, which has made an impact in almost every field out there.

Velimir is a Software Engineer and Lead of the AI workgroup here at Intertec. His professional experience includes working on AI-related projects and various research activities.

In the first podcast episode of TechTuesdays, we will try and get his views and thoughts on:

  • the current trends in the AI world;
  • what has changed in the last two decades?
  • how are people embracing AI today?
  • which AI technologies does one company need today?
  • the difference between AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning?
  • what does Intertec’s AI workgroup do at the moment?

Listen to the full episode 01 here.

A little-known fact about Intertec’s AI workgroup:

Intertec’s AI workgroup exists since 2018 as an enthusiastic R&D group, while as of 2021 it becomes an official workgroup with a stable core of researchers with the main purpose to spread the AI culture and provide the company a chance to widen the business targets in the AI field.

It functions by sharing knowledge, experience and events, bi-weekly recaps, working on specific tasks, collaborating on a proof of concept, proposing AI solutions to the clients etc.

It covers the technologies used to solve AI problems, such as Python (with Scikit-learn, Keras, Tensorflow), some AI/ML AWS services, but not closed for other alternatives.

If you are looking to be part of a team that tackles new challenges every day and is constantly working on finding new ways of untangling complex issues, then make sure you check out our current job openings.

Tanja Zlatanovska

Aug 17, 2021




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