we offer integrated remote teams to help you focus on your product or service

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Team Extension in Eastern Europe

Let us fill your open job positions fast and easy with our integrated remote teams in Eastern Europe.

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Tailored IT Recruitment

We provide talent to your company with targeted education on specific technical and non-technical skills.

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MVP/Custom Development

We provide option for fixed price/time projects in the process of definition, estimation, development and delivery of clients ideas and prototypes.

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Development Hub Establishment

Create your own development hub in Eastern Europe without losing focus on your daily activities.

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Who we are

Intertec was founded in 2015 as digital evolution consultancy and software development company that provides cutting edge engineering expertise.

As a bridge between German tech landscape companies and the tech talent available in Eastern Europe, we are focused on hiring, educating, onboarding and delivering the best people, so the companies can scale fast and can fully focus on their product or service.


The company’s expertise is backed by 5 years of experience with companies from a broad array of industries, like retail and e-commerce, banking, real estate investing and more.
Intertec Employees


More than 80 developers, DevOps engineers, test automation developers, snowboarders, QA, business analysts, gamers, Marvel movie lovers, product managers, designers, IT support, photographers and people who believe they can be more.
Intertec Expertise


Having expertise in all mainstream technology stacks we've build service portfolio including strategic IT consulting, web application development, enterprise solutions and more.

Skopje, Macedonia

Our main tech office is located in the heart of Skopje and contains several fully equipped conference rooms for daily audio and video communication with our clients, workshops and knowledge sharing sessions, fun and relax area, quiet own yard for employees breaks, and relaxation.

Our technology

Digital business requires a well architected and engineered technology platforms. By covering strategy, architecture, enterprise engineering and platform automation we are strategic partner for delivering and supporting various digital solutions.

No matter what kind of developers you need we can help. Specify your requirements, interview candidates and hire the best. You get people committed to your business who feel motivated to deliver quality and share your values.

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