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Cycle4Charity #3 Dedicated to World Poverty Day

After the second edition of Cycle4Charity back in May, this October get ready for Cycle4Charity #3!

The third cycling event is dedicated to “World Poverty Day”, which is annually marked on October 17. On that occasion, we are happy to invite our employees, partners, IT companies and everyone interested to join and be part of Cycle4Chairty #3, set to take place on October 19, 2021, at 5:30 PM.

Our goal: to raise as many funds as we can for people and families in need!

You can join individually by contributing a small online donation of 200 MKD before the start of the cycling event. Donations higher than that are also welcome.

IT companies are also welcome to join as main supporters and sponsors by donating online before the start of the cycling event.

100% of the raised funds before and during the event will be donated to our partner organization “Real acts of Kindness”.

By participating you are not only helping those in need, but you are also making a difference while achieving a greater sense of personal satisfaction and growth as well.

How to register?

Sign up here and cycle with us on October 19. The cycling route will be announced soon on Facebook and LinkedIn, so stay tuned!

How to donate?

All information on where to make your donation is listed below:

Purpose of payment: Donacija za Cycle4Charity

Company name: ZG Ljubeznost Skopje e-donacii

Company’s bank account: 300000004297815

Bank: Komercijalna Banka

Code of payment: 562


You can also contribute on the day of the cycling event by leaving funds in one of our donation boxes.

Join us and let’s all make a difference together!

Tanja Zlatanovska

Sep 23, 2021



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