Intertec @ Hannover Messe 2024

Intertec @ Hannover Messe 2024

Last week we had the pleasure of attending the world’s largest industrial trade show, Hannover Messe.

Showcasing the latest innovations and trends in sectors like automation, cloud edge, robotics, and energy, more than 4.000 exhibitors from 60 countries presented their achievements and future predictions.

The event featured presentations by well-known tech giants such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Siemens, Bosch, KUKA, Beckhoff Automation, 42Q, Asprova, Snowflake, Microsoft, Google, and Dell Technologies, and many more, as well as, numerous medium-sized companies and more than 300 international startups. Joining more than 130.000 visitors from 150 countries, we discussed the crucial topics of artificial intelligence, extended reality, climate-friendly production, and energy transition solutions.

The time for AI in manufacturing is now!

One of the key topics of this year’s Hannover Mese was the integration of AI in enhancing operational efficiencies and predictive maintenance in the manufacturing processes.

We gained valuable insights into implementing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into current and future business models, confirming our standpoint - it is crucial to begin implementation right now. Application of these technologies has become one of the top five topics for decision-makers today, and many companies are already trailblazing the way with excellent solutions

The Future is Automated.

Predictions for the future announce new, even more advanced approaches with AI recommendation systems in the production processes. We got the opportunity to see reliable connection solutions for automation and industrial transformation, learned how manufacturers can launch software-defined products and services from the AWS teams, and got a deeper insight into the Manufacturing-X concept showcasing a new generation of manufacturing technology, merging IoT, AI, robotics and data analytics.

From automation of entire production plants to voice-controlled machines using AI, automating the production process has become the brains behind every factory. Or as Mr. Hans Beckhoff, Founder of Beckhoff, whom we had the pleasure of meeting, would say, “Automation Technology is a worldwide culture.” 


Radical Rethink of Work Today.

Under the theme “Energizing a Sustainable Industry”, Hannover Mese gave great focus on the future of work, and the accelerated pace of change in work environments, highlighting the need for a radical rethink in the approach to modern working.

Following Intertec’s initiatives for digitization and implementation of new technologies in the production processes, we were once again reassured that our strategies align with the trends and actions of industry leaders, and a great motivation to continue with our AI & ML implementation efforts. 

If you want to learn more or further discuss these topics with us, feel free to contact us.

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Borche Ilioski

May 02, 2024



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