We’ve Moved! Take a Look at Our New Office!.png

We’ve Moved! Take a Look at Our New Office!

After months of planning, we are excited to announce that we finally made the move into a new office space. The new office is a 6-floor building with a beautiful rooftop and is located opposite the Government building of N. Macedonia in Skopje.

While we were happy with our old space, one of the biggest deciding factors to make a move was the continued and rapid growth of our business as well as our team. We wanted to have a new space that not only made the existing team more comfortable but also invites and encourages growth, making it a great space for everyone to work in.

“We are really excited to enter a new phase of Intertec’s growth, so it was only right we moved into a space to reflect that,” said Dimitar Siljanovski, CEO and Founder of Intertec.

The new office space offers a light, spacious, open working environment and a pleasure to walk into each day. There are individual working booths, more meeting and conference rooms, relax and games area alongside a kitchen and cafe area, meaning lots of new spaces for both individual working and team collaboration. We’ve also got some fantastic views of the city of Skopje and Vodno mountain from our rooftop!

Producing excellent work for our clients and partners is the real key to our success and growth as a custom solution development company, but we couldn’t achieve this and grow as a company without our amazing team of creative thinkers and technology experts.

It’s been an exciting year for Intertec and we look forward to starting a new chapter in this space! Thanks for everyone’s support throughout the years and with the move. A special shout out to our architect Marija Gjorgoska from Ipocs Concept, who did a phenomenal job and made our office space design look great.

Take a look at our new office below…

We’ve Moved! Take a Look at Our New Office! 2.pngWe’ve Moved! Take a Look at Our New Office! 3.pngWe’ve Moved! Take a Look at Our New Office! 4.pngWe’ve Moved! Take a Look at Our New Office! 5.pngWe’ve Moved! Take a Look at Our New Office! 6.png

Tanja Zlatanovska

Jun 16, 2020



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