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Our people

But first, let's hear what our people have to say about working at Intertec

Software engineers

Our House of Competence™ is always looking for people passionate about working on the latest technologies, building valuable software products, mentoring their younger peers, and being a part of our knowledge-sharing process.

Individuals who want to grow together with us are welcome to join our team of professionals and tech enthusiasts, who drive our clients’ ideas and services forward.

Talents turned engineers

Our talent program is an excellent opportunity to introduce you to what it would be like to work at Intertec.

Each year we are proud to onboard IT students, recent graduates, or tech enthusiasts, offering them the opportunity to work with assigned mentors on real projects, gain knowledge of our working processes and motivate them to bring to life what they have learned at the University or tech academies.

Our People

Our people are the heart of who we are and the drivers of our business.

People care program 

The people development team is working closely to understand the unique needs and find the best approach to help the employees achieve their goals. 

Here’s how we managed to do it:  

  • Monthly 1:1 sessions
  • Individual goal setting
  • Strong feedback culture
  • Yearly performance evaluation

Professional growth program

More than half of our development team is fully internally grown with an average tenure of 4 years. 

Here’s how we managed to do it:    

  • Strong mentorship & feedback culture
  • Multi-position influence on the career path
  • Intertec House of Competence™ Program

Our growth in numbers

home-grown engineers
seniority promotions per year
people reached expert or management positions

Get started at Intertec and find the job opportunity that’s right for you.

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