Digitally Transforming Your Healthcare Value Chains

Healthcare organizations face a range of challenges that are prompting them to consider setting up a digital value chain.

Our client is a company aiming to provide people with regular motivation for a healthier lifestyle, so those living with chronic illness can lead active, self-determined lives, while also easing the strain on doctors and therapists so that they can provide the best possible care for their patients. They are working with health experts and aligning each step in development toward medical requirements. Their solutions are preceded by extensive user testing that reflects their users’ key wishes and needs. 


The client approached us and needed the following:

  • complete digitalization of their informative and prevention programs
  • a solution that provides healthcare specialists with quick access to medical histories, vitals, and lab results
  • integration of EHR/EMR systems with other clinical software
  • a feature to consult doctors online with HCP availability time slots management
  • external booking system integration
  • internal booking system & internal video conference solution.


The Intertec team consisted of a Tech Lead and a Project Manager, Data Engineers, ML Developers, FE & BE Engineers, and Quality Assurance Engineers, delivered the solution using the following technologies: 

  • Multiple REST web services based on a Java-based development stack
  • Spring framework (Spring Boot, Spring Web, Spring Security, Spring Data JPA,  Spring Cloud OpenFeign, PostgreSQL, Hibernate, Gradle, Swagger, Liquibase, JUnit, Mockito, ArchUnit).
  • Cucumber framework. SonarQube, Graylog, CloudBees CodeShip for CI/CD.
  • Java (reactive concept),  NoSQL database, ReactJS
  • Java (Quarkus framework), Jitsi (as a video conference solution), PostgreSQL as a database engine




During our 3 year partnership with the client, we delivered the following results:

  • Digitizаtion of each phase of their healthcare value chains
  • Develop advanced and secure EHR/EMR systems
  • Digitization of the HCP<->Patient video appointments
  • Program therapy flow digitization
  • End-to-end digitalized user-friendly platform and tool for healthcare professionals
  • Portal for setting up accounts for their patients, activating and managing programs, and viewing all their patients’ progress at any time.

Tanja Zlatanovska

May 18, 2023




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