What are the benefits of using team extension?

Cost benefits

Cost Benefits

You can save up to 80% on Tech Team Members compared to costs in Germany.

No extra costs

No Extra Costs

No recruitment, equipment or licenses or further education and certification costs on the top of the fixed monthly fee.

Flexible for scaling up

Flexible for Scaling-Up and Down

It is easier to scale the team faster when there is need and to scale down based on projects.

Cherry-picked Team Members

Cherry-picked Team Members

Getting the best talent both with technical and soft skills that match the team and the company business model.

How the team extension process works

  1. We collect a bit of information about the business model and open positions.
  2. We send you candidates that we believe are matching your needs.
  3. You are doing the interview and selecting the candidates.
    You work directly with the developers as part of your team without any middle-man buffers!
  5. We provide weekly account management to be 100% sure that you are happy with the collaboration.

Proposed Remote Friendly team structure:

We propose to our clients that one Product Development Team is divided in two parts: Inhouse Team and Remote Team.
As shown in the picture below, according to our experience, the most effective working setup is part of the team to be in the Client office, closer to the business and part for the team to be remote.

On this way the Product Team can focus on the business model and remote team can help in execution of the Roadmap.

Client's Inhouse Team
Product manager
Tech lead
Senior Dev.
Senior Dev.
Quality Assurance
Junior/Mid Dev.
Automation Dev.
Remote Tech Team

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Case Study

Global Savings Group (Rocket Internet)

  • Team of more than 40 remote IT specialists integrated in 10 different scrum teams;
  • 4+ years of cooperation;
  • Providing help with establishing remote culture in Munich office;
  • Low turnover rate. Less than 3% in last 4 years;
  • 9 senior Tech Leads were transferred to lead positions in Munich, Germany at no additional cost;